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Boost sales with the e-commerce outfit maker

About Trolley

Monetize Customer Creativity : With Trolley, customers can create outfits directly on your store using YOUR products. When done, outfits can be sent to cart in ONE-CLICK.

Customers Advertise for You : Customers can share the outfits they've created to social media, exposing your products to networks of people with similar interests.

Track Customer Interests : In a dashboard, Trolley lets you track the monetary and sentimental value of customer interests as customers justify adding items to cart.

Upgrade your customers' shopping experience

Upgrade your customers’ shopping experience with Trolley, the e-commerce outfit maker. With Trolley, customers can:

  1. Create Outfits While Shopping: Customers can create outfits directly on website using YOUR products. With this interactive tool and real-time price tracking for effective budgeting, customers can both justify potential purchases and build sentiment towards the items they’re working with. Saved items are retained in-app until the customer deletes them, allowing for product re-exposure at a later date.

  2. Add to Cart with One Click: When customers are finished designing their outfits, they can add the entire outfit to cart in just one click.

  3. Share Outfits to Social Media: When they're done creating outfits, customers can share their creations directly to social media, exposing your products to networks of people with similar interests. Shared outfits are watermarked with your store’s URL for brand recognition and to attract potential customers. Additional social media platforms coming soon!

  4. Track the Value of Consumer Interests: Trolley gives you the opportunity to track customer interests BEFORE they commit to adding items to cart. This feature allows you to identify products emerging in popularity, as well as products that your consumers found interesting, but weren't particularly inclined to add to cart (indicating the need to adjust your marketing strategy for these products). The total value of saved items, specific products saved, the number of individual products saved, and more are available to you in real time. An updated dashboard with additional metrics is coming soon!

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April 26, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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