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Gift trees to your customers with every product & offset CO2.

About 1 Product 1 Tree

One tree for every product : Automatically plant & offer trees to your customers for every product. Get 250 free trees to test it. After that, the price is 0,25€ tree.

Keep track of your trees : This app is integrated with the Tree-Nation platform, using cutting edge technology to give you comprehensive stats about your trees.

Gift trees to your customers : Customers can collect their trees and learn everything: GPS location, the species details, the CO2 offset stats and much more.


Plant and gift trees to your customers with every purchase!

For every product that you sell in your Shopify store, this plug-in allows you to plant a tree in the name of your customer in your Tree-Nation forest. Automatically your trees are created and a 'tree-gift' email is sent to each customer purchasing your product.

Make your brand climate positive

This app allows you to link your products to trees planted. A simple system that allows you to transform your customers’ purchase experience by adding a positive impact on the planet with every purchase.

Physical and online trees at the same time

While we will plant your trees in one of our reforestation projects around the world, for each tree planted we also create a unique online tree-gift URL. From this URL your customer will be able to view and collect their tree on the Tree-Nation platform.

Among many features, your users will be able to see which species are planted for them, see where it is planted on a map, see also your customized message, download a tree certificate, receive updates from the planting fields to follow the progress of their trees.

Your Brand Forest

All the trees planted thanks to you will be visible in your brand forest. You will automatically create this forest once you register at

Your forest will give you a number of features to best utilize your environmental commitment:

  • Keep track of every tree you plant by number and species.

  • Follow your CO2 offset impact.

  • Get updates from the tree planters directly from the projects.

  • Interact with your customers to who you offer the trees to and with the tree planters all within one place.

Receive Positive Customer Feedback

This is also a way to receive great and positive feedback from your clients. Whenever a client collects a tree he will be able to leave a testimonial for you.

Quick set up

To start, set up your brand forest on by registering a company account in just 2 minutes!

Once your account is set up, go to the Tree-Nation Offset Products webpage.

All automated!

Once your account is connected, your tree-gifts will be totally automated:

  • Trees are created and added to your forest with every new purchase

  • Tree-gift emails are sent to your customers after the purchase

Just watch your forest grow as you sell your products!

Pricing: we credit your account with 250 free tree credits so you can start discovering our services.

Afterward 0,25 € per tree.

All our tree-gifts services are included: your online forests, tree-gifts, stats, updates...

No extra costs. No hidden fees. No permanency.

Plant in various planting locations and Customize your commitment

We offer many customization options that you can discover on our website.

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July 29, 2020
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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