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Capture and convert gift recipients to highly qualified leads

About Treat: Capture Gift Leads

Capture gift recipient leads : Find out who's receiving your product as a gift, and track your top gifters.

Improve customer experience : Let your customers pass tracking information to the person receiving the gift.

Convert leads to customers : Nurture recipient leads, share discount codes, and acquire new customers.


Stop leaving your best leads on the table.

  • Your customers are already buying your products as gifts
  • The majority of gift recipients are new to your brand
  • Experiencing your product is the best ad; nurture and convert gift recipients into paying customers

Your customers are targeting new leads for you every day - each time they buy your product as a gift. With Treat, you can capture and convert these leads with a simple add-on to your Thank You Page.

Treat’s Gift Leads app provides a better experience for your customers sending gifts in order to capture the emails of the recipients. With Gift Leads, your customers can:

  • Add their recipient's name and email address to an order
  • Send a digital gift note along with a notification
  • Pass along tracking information to the recipient
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Launch date
May 03, 2022

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