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Sell in multiple languages using the Adria translation app.

About Adria Translate

Speak your customers' language : Increase your sales by translating your store into multiple languages.

Native integration : We built the app exclusively for Shopify. As we store all translations directly in Shopify, they are natively available to your theme.

Automatic translations (DeepL) : Don't speak all the different languages of your customers? No problem. We integrate with DeepL to offer automatic translations.


You own a successful online store. One of the best ways to increase sales is to attract new customers in new countries. Often, they speak different languages. Adria Translate helps you to translate your online store into multiple languages. With the integration of DeepL's AI translation technology, we add automatic translation to your store.

We store all translations in Shopify.

We use the official Shopify API to store all translations directly in Shopify. Therefore your translations persist even if you decide to switch to another tool. This app can also help you review your translations if you use an alternative process to publish multiple languages to your online store.

Seamless integration

The app is embedded into Shopify admin and available where you need it. For instance, on a product detail page, you find the option for translation in the "More actions" menu on the top right corner.

Theme support

Content translated in the Shopify admin is automatically available in the selected language in your theme. All other text that needs to be translated can be entered directly in the theme editor.

You can use all themes from the official Shopify themes store without code changes. Just add the Geolocation app to enable switching between your store languages.


The Geolocation app from Shopify adds a language selector component to the storefront based on the store visitor's location (optional).

Automatic translations

This app integrates with DeepL's AI translation technology to offer high-quality translation results to all Shopify store owners.

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June 11, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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