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Block or redirect users based on their IP and geolocation

About Traffic Guard

Block & Redirect Visitors : Redirect traffic to country specific stores and blocking rivals. With simple rules, create strategies to get an edge over your competitors.

Control Your Store’s Traffic : Get complete control over your store’s incoming traffic and monitor your rules efficiency.

Protect Yourself From Fraud : Protect your store from fake orders and high return rate regions.


Create rules to block & redirect traffic based on geolocation & IP address.

  • You can block anything from a whole country (e.g. China), to a specific IP address
  • We offer all the options you need to block or redirect traffic based on city, region, country or IP address # Get total control over your store’s incoming traffic.
  • With simple rules, you can create strategies to get an edge over your competitors
  • Redirect traffic to country-specific stores, block rivals & protect your store from fraud
  • Create rules to give yourself an edge over your competitors. Keep your strategies to yourself, redirect traffic to country-specific stores # Fraud Protection
  • Protect your money from fake orders & high return rate regions
  • Completely block known fraud-prone regions or specific IP addresses
  • Tackle chargeback fraud in an innovative way # Geolocation based redirection
  • Target by country, region, city, & IP address
  • Optimize revenue by sending users to the right store
  • Present the right language to the right users & increase your conversion rate # Counterintelligence
  • Go stealth in the eye of your competitors & enemies
  • Keep your marketing strategies & competitive advantages secret
  • Prevent spying from an enemy through denial of access or redirection to a facade website # Targeting - Precise & efficient With our dedicated IP database, you get fast & precise targeting.
  • 4 targeting level: Country, State/Province, City, & IP address
  • Target single IP or IP range
  • Own dedicated proprietary IP address database providing top speed & accuracy
  • Global IP database is updated frequently for precision & efficiency # Behaviors - Customizable & Flexible Three different behaviors for maximum flexibility.
  • Hide page: Show a blank page to visitors
  • Redirect: Reroute users to another website
  • Allow: Grant access to visitors based on IP address or geolocation # Statistics & Rule monitoring
  • Get access to reporting dashboard globally & for each target
  • Get behavior statistics & see how many people have been blocked & allowed by each rule # Instant setup
  • Easy installation, no commitment
  • Get started with Traffic Guard for free in seconds
  • No coding experience required
  • No messy code added to your theme’s code, guaranteed
  • Clean uninstall. Not a trace of the app after uninstallation # Support & Assistance
  • Friendly Support - contact us today!
  • Unlimited chat, email & phone support
  • Assistance in creating rules & managing behaviors
  • Help to develop the best strategies for your store if needed" #CBD Friendly
  • Block or redirect customers coming from Countries where your product can't be sold
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March 13, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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