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Add Order tracking page to your store for your customers

About Tracking Plug

No more broken tracking number : Tracking Plug automatically provides an estimated delivery time and is visible to your customers without checking the real tracking numbers

Auto update estimated delivery : Save your time from a complicated process.The app automatically sets the delivery time that will be visible to your customers instantly.

Customizable tracking page : Customizable and easy-to-use dashboard. That way, you can rest assured that you're always in the loop on your package delivery schedule.

​​Tracking Plug - Say goodbye to broken tracking numbers!

​​Tracking Plug - Say goodbye to broken tracking numbers!!!

Control Your Orders Status

Shipping is not an easy task. Tracking numbers don't always provide accurate information, and some may cause more frustration than others. With the tracking Plug, no more tracking numbers are needed. Now your customers can see an estimated delivery date of their orders directly on your store! They'll know when to expect your product and will be less likely to contact you about it.

Advantages of using Tracking Plug

  • No More Tracking Numbers
  • Tracking On Autopilot
  • Fully Customizable to fit your store design

Say Farewell to broken tracking numbers

It's time to say goodbye to confusing, incomprehensible, and broken tracking numbers that are all foreign alphabets. With Tracking Plug, your customers will always see the estimated delivery times directly from your store without checking actual tracking numbers.

Auto update estimated delivery times

With Tracking Plug, setting an estimated delivery time has never been easier. Just set the Track your order shipment's estimated delivery time and Tracking Plug will take care of the rest.

Cut down on back-and-forth

With Tracking Plug, your customers can track their orders without having to contact you. This means less time lost, more satisfaction, and more positive reviews.

Fully Customizable Track orders page

Now you can fully customize the order lookup page to your liking. We understand that one design can't fit all store's layouts, Now you can fully change the colors, language, and text in the order lookup page to fit your store design.

Fully Embedded app

We provide an easy-to-use and straightforward interface that lets you set up Tracking Plug on your store in minutes. Using an embedded app means you'll work with the same layouts and settings you're familiar with and we guarantee a seamless experience when it comes to setting your configurations too.

Tracking Plug is designed to save you money by keeping your customers happy. When they're satisfied with the estimated delivery date, they're less likely to ask questions or make complaints.

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Launch date
October 27, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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