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Show estimated delivery times (even before orders are shipped)

About Tracking Elite

No More Frustrated Customers : Tracking Elite will genuisly calculate and show the estimated delivery times on each order (even if it has not yet been shipped).

Save Time (And Money) : Drastically reduce the flood of emails received from your customers and save yourself from massive amounts of refunds.

No Developer Needed : Easily set the estimated delivery time once and… voilà! It works by itself for life. No complicated code or endless process to follow.

tracking elite

Estimated delivery times

Tired of answering the same question from your customers over and over again: "where is my order?"

Do you dream of unclogging your customer service with an application that can read your customers' minds and avoid receiving hundreds or even thousands of emails every month?

Tracking Elite will geniusly and automatically calculate and show the estimated delivery times on each order. Customers can now track them at any time (even if the order has not yet been shipped). Our app will instantly free up your time to focus on your business.

No complicated tracking number needed

An email and an order number are enough to track your order. Your customers won’t have to wait to receive their tracking codes and will be instantly relieved to see that their orders are being delivered.

  • Forget about messy international tracking numbers
  • No more forgotten tracking number
  • No need to cumulate expensive tracking apps

Relieve your customer service

Knowing the delivery date is one of the main concerns of your customers. It generates a lot of anxiety and fear of not being delivered.

Turn frustrated customers into happy ones by removing this doubt. You will be able to drastically reduce the activity of your customer service and focus on more important tasks such as scaling your business.

  • Customers can now track their order at all times
  • Delivery dates are known as soon as the order is placed
  • Avoid a flood of emails and support inquiries
  • Significantly reduce the number of refunds due to lack of information
  • Customers will be able to check their information 24/7 on a dedicated page integrated to your store

Perfect for stockless businesses and outsourced logistics

Your supplier takes care of the preparation and shipping of the orders?

Tracking Elite is the perfect app for you even if you have slow delivery times. Everything your customers need to know is right in front of their eyes!

Say Goodbye to complicated and unreadable tracking pages and Hello to easy to understand tracking information with only the essential (without the superfluous).

Fully automated app

Too many apps force you to keep coming back to update and set them up again and again. Once configured in a few clicks, Tracking Elite will immediately start working by itself. Of course, Information can be changed at any time (in seconds).

Native Shopify Integration

Tracking Elite is fully and easily customisable to fit your brand in the blink of an eye.

  • Easily customisable (no designer or developer needed) to match your brand
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Easy to configure in a few clicks

Waltt's Guarantee

If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply remove the app before your trial ends and you will not be charged.

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June 23, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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