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Easily add any type of bar! All-in-One Top Bar App for You!

About Top Bar Master ‑ All in One

Rich Customization : Customize your bar template based on your shop’s colors, fonts, etc., with our rich selection of templates to show your differences.

High Segmentation : Use geo-targeting to create special bars based on the source the customer is directed via to your shop, and the country the customer is in.

All-in-One : Feel comfort since we collected all bars you need. You can use all bars by clicking on one single “install”. Save your time.

Top Bar App

Why You Should Choose Top Bar App?

Increasing your sales by increasing your site’s conversion rate is in one with the easy use of Countdown Bar, Announcement Bar, Multi Announcement Bar, Free Shipping Bar, and an E-mail Sign Up Bar.

You can announce your special discounts via our announcement bar!

Announcement bar is one of the essentials for the increase in conversion rate by creating a sense of urgency and Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) effect. You can choose among bar templates or create your designs easily.

What is more?

Our segmentation is great! You can change the bars based on the county, the source, and even the time spend on your shop’s site! With the use of every bar included in our app, you may upsell without much effort. All of these are included in one single app.

You might already have an announcement bar. Well, but you do not have Maarify’s app! Try ours, and you will see the difference!

What we offer?

  • Choose any template you want for your bars and customize them easily based on your taste. By that, you will be able to create visually aesthetic sites for your shop.
  • Choose when the bars will appear based on the percentage of the scroll or how many seconds after the customer spends time on the site.
  • Create different bars for the customers who live in different countries. With ease, all things you write can be changed or translated. Furthermore, our high segmentation is not limited to the countries. It is also possible to create different bars for the customers coming from different sources.
  • Use our app without computing background.

Our Bars

  1. Countdown Bar It is crucial that your customers know the offer available for a limited amount of time. The timer will create a sense of urgency and fear-of-missing-out effect. Thus, there will be an influence on the customers’ buying decisions positively.
  2. Announcement & Multi Announcement Bar It is vital to keep your customers updated about your promotions, event, and special offers to build more solid relationships with them. If you announce on your site, the customers will likely be encouraged to benefit from the special offers provided by you.
  3. Free Shipping Bar It is significant and effective to know the minimum limit of free shipping for the customer since many people consider the cost of shipping non-necessary, and they tend to buy more products for earning free shipping. Therefore, you can increase your sales with the bar indicating how much is left for free shipping.
  4. E-mail Sign-Up Bar It is important to create good communication with your customers for customer satisfaction and happiness. By this bar, you may collect e-mails of your customers to send them thank you notes, coupon codes, etc.
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Launch date
August 01, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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