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Increase your site's conversion and engagement

About TITANPush: Increase your sales

Increase acquisition : Connect customers with your store, wherever they are, with push notifications or integrating all your links through a link website.

Improve conversion : Activate the tools to improve customer experience on your site including the history of products viewed, personalized banners and pop-ups.

Boost return : Connect with customers, even when they are not on your site. Invite them back or to resume their purchase with automatic notifications.


Grow your business online

  • Push notifications:

    Send messages, alerts and offers to your customers' phones and computers even while they are not browsing the store.

  • Recommended:

    Create dynamic carousels with recommended products for each product page. TITANPush uses a machine learning process to learn from the behavior of the users of your site in order to put together the recommendations.

  • Browsing History.

    Show your users a personalized list of the products they visited on your site. It facilitates the purchase avoiding that they have to look for them again. It includes 3 variants to display it on your site (onsite, bubble and retargeting pop-up).

  • More popular.

    Many people choose to buy what other people buy. Show a list of trending products on your site! You can also incorporate it onsite.

  • Banners.

    Promote products strategically on your site.

  • Pop-ups.

    Show a pop-up right when your customer tries to leave. We give you one last chance to retain it and convert it!

  • Chat Pop.

    Add floating buttons for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to capture inquiries directly from your site.

  • Link page. Gather all your important links and social networks in one.

"Adopt unique tools today, to sell more, and communicate better with your customers.

  • All in one. A suite of tools to convert your sales.
  • Easy to use. No advanced knowledge is required.
  • Automation. Automatic functions in two clicks: Retargeting and User Recovery.
  • Results at a glance. Check all the tools status and performance.
  • Recommended. Chosen by companies like Movistar, BedTime, Juanita Jo and others.

Find your ideal plan

Once the trial period ends, you can choose the plan that best suits your store’s needs.

Get personalized attention

We assist you during the whole process, via email, phone and WhatsApp.

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July 29, 2021
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