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Simple swappable bundles, dynamic discounts, increase AOV

About Tier Bundles | Upsell

Increase Average Order Value : Bundles, kits, sets, and package deals boost sales and average order value (AOV).

Fully Customizable : Create mix & match, swapping and more. All with dynamic discounts. No coding required and works with any theme.

Easy to Use : Try it out on your store today and see the impact of product bundling. Convert more shoppers with more items.


"This is a great app, being able to make swappable bundles is just fantastic. The app is very easy to install and use, the support excellent. A shame you can't give six stars."

Tier is a powerfully simple tool that allows you to create easy-to-shop and swap bundles with gamified price incentives.


  • Percent (%) or dollar-off ($) discounts.
  • Flexible by design. Both tiered or single discount options to create engaging kits and package deal promotions.
  • Single Discount - E.g. "Buy 3 Get 10% OFF"
  • Tiered Discounts - E.g. "Buy 2 Get 5% OFF / Buy 3 Get 10% OFF / Buy 4 Get 15% OFF"
  • Variants Support - Allow multiple levels of variants on products to be applied along with your bundle.
  • Swappable products - A perfect custom kit builder. Choose products for shoppers to swap from. Resulting in more personalization and higher customer satisfaction. E.g. "Complete the outfit and save" or "Customize your skincare routine" or "Mix and match your bike setup"
  • Product Page Bundles - Choose a product and promote a bundle anywhere on the product detail page.
  • Bundle Pages - Create an independent page and URL to promote your bundle.
  • Post Purchase Bundle - Display a bundle on the order status page after a customer completes checkout for increased upsells.
  • Save time with easy implementation and responsive design. The adaptive design is optimized for all phone and device sizes.
  • Custom CSS allows complete control over the look and feel of Tier across your store.
  • International - Translate language and currency to match your store’s demographic.
  • Simple Installation - Once you purchase the app, Tier is easily accessible from your Shopify merchant dashboard. Simple one-click installation. No coding required.
  • Automatic Inventory Management - Update inventory in real-time. Our bundles are designed to adapt for sold out items and variations.
  • Inject Tag - Available for paid plans. Place bundles anywhere on your store. Works with all page builder apps.

How does Tier integrate with my Shopify store?

As you create new bundles, Tier generates a bundle component and it's respective discounts for your online store automatically. Simply set up within the app and activate the bundle when you are ready to launch.

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May 25, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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