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Theme Scheduler is ready for BFCM, are you? We've upped our level of support and have run multiple tests on our app to ensure you the peace of mind you deserve this BFCM. Our app has been tried, tested and trusted by more than 100 Shopify Plus stores.

Running promotions online requires you to publish many content customisations at the beginning and end of your promotion. The problem is, promotions work best during out of office hours, especially weekends. This leaves you worrying about work when you should be enjoying your spare time. Theme Scheduler solves this problem by enabling you to schedule when your theme with promotional content goes live.

How it works

When preparing your content in advance of a promotion you will:

  • Duplicate the current theme that has all your live content and rename it to something relevant such as "Promo theme."
  • Change the custom content on the "Promo theme" so that it's ready to go for the upcoming promotion.
  • Use the Theme Scheduler App to schedule the time and date that you want that theme to be published.
  • For a promotion you would typically Schedule the "Promo theme" when the promotion begins and then schedule the original theme to be published again when the promotion ends.

Why use Theme Scheduler?

  1. Changing the content on your website is a critical task for running promotions. By using Theme Scheduler you're well prepared.
  2. All the content from the scheduled theme goes live on your website in an instant at the exact time and date of your choosing.
  3. Using this app is the best practise for launching promotional content on Shopify websites.
  4. It's free on development stores for all Shopify Partners.
  5. Schedule as many theme publications as you want. You need this app if you are running a new promotion every day for a week.
  6. There is a 14 day free trial so you have nothing to lose and if you value your time, that's exactly what this app gives you.
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January 03, 2018
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