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About Testimonials Slider

More visitors buying products : Show the experiences your product gives, or a piece of lifestyle it allows, so that your potential clients will be eager to have it too.

Higher brand credibility : Make visitors sure your product satisfies consumer needs or tackles a pain point and improve social proof and credibility of your products.

Easy and fast customization : Testimonials Slider has a handy editor and intuitive user interface, simple for any user, regardless of their experience and skills.

Shopify Testimonials Slider be Elfsight

Installing Testimonials Slider you will have to make your testimonials the winning argument by displaying them right where the purchasing decision is made and see how they increase your sales on your website. Displaying real customer feedback with a positive experience inspires visitors to have the same experience too and gives your products or services more social proof.

What you get with our Testimonials app:

Testimonials to trust

We have embedded into our app everything to make your testimonials trustworthy and strong. You are free to enrich them with detailed info about the author, including name, position, company name, logo, website URL, and add a photo for higher trust. You can also prove that the author is real by adding an icon with a link to the social account next to the name.

Layouts for 99.9% of use-cases

Our app is ready for any task you need. It will find the right column distribution for you and represent them the optimum way automatically, with no effort from your side. Just choose your layout: slider to display your testimonials as a part of some page, and grid if there’s a whole page devoted to testimonials on your site - your testimonials will look seamless and attractive.

Effective Testimonial Templates

At Elsight we analyze our clients’ needs and offer the most effective solutions. Based on best practice, we embedded into Testimonials Slider six ready-to-use templates to suit any use-case. We group them into two categories, basing on the general concept of displaying testimonials: to focus on the most prominent stories or to show as many of them as possible.

And many more

  • Use Facebook or Twitter profile URL to prove that the author is real-life.
  • Try 6 adaptive testimonial templates and find the one you need.
  • Full-width layout to give it an apparent look.
  • Display author’s name and photo for higher trust.
  • Use caption for company name, position and other data.
  • Provide a link to the website of the author for a more reliable presentation.
  • To add reliance, show the logo of the author's company.
  • Slider and Grid layouts for a wide range of use-cases.
  • Slider arrows and pagination options.


Can I try the Testimonials Slider and delete it without paying anything?

You can install our app and use it for free during a trial period of 7 days. If you delete it within this period, you won’t be charged anything.

Can I get help with installation of the app?

We provide free installation service. Address us if you need help with setting up or adjusting the app.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You will only need to remove the app from your website and the subscription will be canceled automatically.

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