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Launch your own trade-in programme in just a few short steps

About Tern Trade‑in

Trade-in Functionality : Users select previously purchased goods for store credit; trade-in value is dynamic and rules based

Integrated Logistics : Integrated logistics make it easy to cost-effectively send trade-in items back to the merchant

Customer Retention and LTV : When items have been received by the merchant, tern issues the value of the trade-in through store credit to be used toward future purchases

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We're bringing circularity to Shopify through trade-in.

Plug & Play

Directly integrate the tern app into your store in a matter of minutes. With our easy rules-based set-up, you’ll have your trade-in programme up and running in no time.

White Label

Our app reflects your brand styling and sits seamlessly within your customer experience - fully customisable content gives you control over the message your customers see.

Volume Control

With the ability to set eligibility and pricing rules for all of your products, you have full control and visibility of what comes back to you. Our rules-based pricing engine uses your existing product data (original selling price, date of sale/age of product, category) to determine the trade-in offer price which can be optimised over time.

Rich Data & Analytics

With built in analytics you can track the direct impact that trade-in has on your business. From the average age of product coming back to trade-in credit redemption, you have complete visibility of how the app is performing. By linking the trade-in to your original purchase data, you will have visibility of the post-consumer product at every stage. You will know exactly what is being traded-in and when, providing unique insights into the ‘life’ of a product and assisting with ‘next best action’ decision making.

Customer Friendly

By trading-in their old items, customers have peace of mind knowing that their items will be responsibly resold, recycled or donated. At the touch of a button, they can select which of their previously purchased goods they would like to trade-in and the clear, upfront pricing means they'll know exactly how much credit they will receive - no photos, listings, auctions, haggling or disappointing commissions. Once they've accepted the trade-in offer, the customer simply chooses the shipping method that best suits them, and using the label we provide, return their trade-in using any packaging they already have at home - a waste free option, that’s also fast!

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August 06, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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