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About Tenzo

All your data in one place : See all your data in one place - combining Shopify data with data from Point of Sale, Social or Staff Schedulers

A.I. based forecasts : Predict sales more accurately than before

Automated reporting : Get alerts and emails on your phone when you need them

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Tenzo is a next generation business insight platform

Tenzo connects to all your datasources to give you a 360 view of your business - all from your mobile phone.

We have several key benefits:

  • Combine all your datasources in one place (e.g., POS, labor, social, inventory)
  • Use machine learning to predict the future and plan accordingly
  • Get alerts and reports on mobile to keep on top of your business

Merchants will need Tenzo credentials to log in to the platform. Email for more information.

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December 08, 2020
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Guest post: What Food Costing Methodology Are You Using?

[2023/04/03 03:41:51]

Much of a restaurant’s value is in its inventory. Inventory valuation is also a major factor in calculating your net profit. But how do you calculate the substantial investment represented by inventory? And how does inventory value apply to your profitability? And how do you do it most accurately? The answers lie in the choice […] The post Guest post: What Food Costing Methodology Are You Using? appeared first on Tenzo.

How to stand out on food delivery apps post-COVID

[2023/03/14 11:08:09]

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a huge boom in delivery orders, with the industry growing by £3.7bn in 2020, and one in twelve people ordering food to be delivered for the first time; leading many people to pivot towards a delivery model. However, gone are the days of being stuck indoors(!) and the reopening of restaurants alongside […] The post How to stand out on food delivery apps post-COVID appeared first on Tenzo.

Tenzo’s First Offsite

[2023/04/12 01:26:23]

In September 2022, Tenzo held its first-ever offsite! We spent two days in Pembroke College, Cambridge, a fitting place as it’s where our Founders, Adam and Christian, met as university students. Thanks to our fantastic team, we celebrated the incredible work and milestones Tenzo has achieved since 2016. Our offsite focused on three key areas.  […] The post Tenzo’s First Offsite appeared first on Tenzo.

What is Restaurant PerformanceOps?

[2023/03/14 09:29:40]

During the first week of 2021, Christian (CEO and Co-founder) and Lizzie (Senior Marketing Manager) read the book Play Bigger by Dave Peterson, Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Maney and it set off a catalyst of events that led to this: the creation of a new category, Restaurant PerformanceOps.  Time to think The pandemic […] The post What is Restaurant PerformanceOps? appeared first on Tenzo.

Top 8 restaurant KPIs Tenzo customers love

[2022/10/23 07:11:41]

At Tenzo, we’re all about providing real-time actionable insights from your data. That means getting the KPIs that matter most to your business into the hands of the right people to action them at the exact right time. Our method for doing this is what we like to call ‘cards’. Basically they are the exact reports […] The post Top 8 restaurant KPIs Tenzo customers love appeared first on Tenzo.

The ultimate daily restaurant report (+ free excel template)

[2022/10/23 07:13:27]

Restaurant end of day reports can be a pain to do. That’s the cold hard truth. If you’re a restaurant manager, you’ve just finished a long shift, it’s late at night, you want to go home, but instead you have to sit at a computer for half an hour inputting numbers into tiresome spreadsheets. If […] The post The ultimate daily restaurant report (+ free excel template) appeared first on Tenzo.

Strategies to reduce your food waste

[2022/11/29 11:35:57]

According to a report from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), global food wastage per year is approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, which is roughly a third of the food produced in the world for human consumption. On a more local scale, waste in UK restaurants is approximately 1.6 million tonnes per year with around 600,000 tonnes of this […] The post Strategies to reduce your food waste appeared first on Tenzo.

Using data to give your business a competitive advantage

[2022/11/29 11:35:57]

Data is a gold mine of insights, which can dramatically add value to your business across the board and give a significant competitive advantage. But how is it that most businesses fail to use their own data (sales, reviews, etc) and miss out on the opportunity to gain insights, make better decisions and ultimately grow? […] The post Using data to give your business a competitive advantage appeared first on Tenzo.

All your data in one place: The power of data in restaurant chains

[2022/11/29 11:35:57]

Managing a chain of restaurants is very challenging, and in order to get the best results the team in each restaurant needs to have access to the right information in order to make the right decisions. This is becoming ever more complex as restaurants are collecting an increasingly large amount of data. In this article […] The post All your data in one place: The power of data in restaurant chains appeared first on Tenzo.

Why monitoring your reviews online matters!

[2022/11/29 11:35:57]

It is something every restaurateur knows: good reviews boost takings while terrible ones can close you down. And, in an age when everyone can be an online critic, ratings have never been more important. Work by two economists at the University of California, Michael Anderson and Jeremy Magruder, aimed to measure the relationship between online […] The post Why monitoring your reviews online matters! appeared first on Tenzo.

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