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About Live Chat & AI Chatbot (Easy)

All-in-one app for busy people : Built in AI chatbot, live chat, email, Facebook Messenger, email marketing, abandoned cart recovery, customer reviews, analytics, and more!

Quality Retention Marketing : STOP sending the same templates and bring your customers back with human-like AI generated replies & guided outreach strategies.

Fast Growing App : The newest industry leading AI technology just landed on the app market. Give us feedback via support and get FREE paid plan coupon!

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Make excellent customer service your competitive advantage.

Talkvisor is an all-in-one solution for managing the entire customer journey. Boost sales by providing differentiated customer service. By using Talkvisor, you'll be able to see the entire customer journey in one view (page clicks, cart adds, shipping information, and order information) and respond with a personalized and timely message.

What is the Customer Journey?

Talkvisor shows you the entire journey your customer takes with your store as different stages - from acquisition to post-sales. We show you when a customer lands on your store, what products they browsed, their shopping cart, and when they checkout. We also show you when they've paid, when you've shipped their order, and when the order has been delivered. Along the way, we help you reach out and engage with your customer at crucial points - from abandoned carts to asking for a product review and more.

Enticing and customizable live chat

Most live chat solutions will ask you to fill out a whole form before you even get to start chatting! Our live chat removes all the barriers and makes sales and communicating with your customers a breeze. You can still collect emails optionally! Industry experts agree that this is the best way to convert browsers into buyers. Talkvisor also allows you to set online hours, widget colors, agent photos. We even automatically detect what the best widget color would be based on your website colors during onboarding!

Respond through live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger

Your customers can reach out to you through any channel they prefer - live chat, email, or Facebook Messenger - and it'll all end up in one easy-to-view panel. Talkvisor also provides automatic tagging and automatic customer merging to make communication faster.

Work less, talk more

You can say goodbye to templates and macros. Those are painful! Through state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Talkvisor learns how to tag, label, and draft messages from you and lets you focus on talking to customers. We provide AI-powered reply suggestions at the click of a button to get your message going.

Do you have 10 different Shopify apps installed you barely even open?

We know, we've been there too. Building a modern customer journey experience is really expensive and complex. To build it, you need several different apps and most store owners rely on experts to set those up. Talkvisor is the only app you need to do the same thing!

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July 14, 2021

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