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Visual Search, Personalization, & Product Recommendations

About Syte Search & Discovery

Visual Product Discovery : Connect shoppers with products that inspire them through visual search, shop similar and shop the look recommendation carousels, and more.

Hyper-Personalization : Combine real-time behavioral data with visual AI to predict and recommend the products most likely to convert for each shopper.

Smarter Search & Merchandising : Automatically enrich product tags with visual AI, creating a richer database for search and enabling powerful merchandising capabilities.


About Syte’s Product Discovery Platform

Syte is a Product Discovery Platform for retail. It uses visual AI to create intuitive search and discovery experiences for all types of shoppers. Syte’s solutions include visual and text search, automated product tagging, personalized recommendation carousels, and more. They use unique data generated by visual AI to help shoppers find the most relevant products, driving eCommerce revenue and building long-term customer loyalty.

Key Benefits

  1. Connect shoppers with the right products at the right time: Drive conversion and AOV with powerful eCommerce discovery experiences that help shoppers find their ideal items throughout the customer journey.
  2. Automate product tagging: Leverage visual AI to automatically enrich your data infrastructure with detailed product attributes, making every item in your catalogue easily discoverable.
  3. Deliver hyper-personalized shopping experiences: Create cohesive, personalized customer experiences for every type of shopper using unique visual data to understand their preferences, tastes, and context.
  4. Control & optimize your entire product discovery experience: Collect, analyze, and leverage AI-generated meta-tag data to create cohesive customer experiences across channels. Test, optimize, and customize journeys all from Syte’s Discovery Console.

Products & Features

Visual Discovery Suite

  • Camera Search Empower shoppers to find the items they want by uploading any image or browsing through a curated inspiration gallery, instead of searching with keywords.

  • Discovery Button Turn every photo on product listing and detail pages into gateways for continuous discovery by showcasing similar styles when shoppers click through.

  • Recommendation Carousels Maximize conversion and AOV with product recommendation carousels that use visual AI to serve up ‘shop similar’ and ‘shop the look’ suggestions.

Searchandising Suite

  • Deep Tagging Use visual AI to scan your catalogue images and automatically augment each product with new, detailed meta-tags. Save time for your merchandising team and create a richer database for search, personalization, and analytics.

  • Augmented Site Search Visual AI enriches your product tags, while NLP works to understand shoppers’ intuitive queries. Together, they deliver accurate search results that convert.

Hyper-Personalization Suite

  • Personalized Product Recommendations Combine real-time behavioral data with visual AI to predict and recommend the products most likely to convert for each shopper throughout the buyer journey.

  • Personalization API Create on-point, hyper-personalized experiences across channels, from in-store to online, and even by email.

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Launch date
November 10, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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