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Make your customers share your products on social media.

About Syner

Reach New Customers : Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends on social media posts. Make customers share what they have bought with you!

Returning Customers : Existing customers that receive a discount code after they promote your brand are more likely to come back to you and make another purchase.

Boost Organic Growth : People recognise the shares by people they follow as genuine purchases and pay attention to the promotions they make for your store.


Online purchases are influenced by shoppers’ friends. Even if we don’t realize it, the clothes, shoes, food, or jewelry that we buy are because we’ve seen friends or people we know wearing or using it. Syner motivates your customers to share photos of these products on their social media channels so that their friends know where to buy them.

Not only are you reaching the followers of your customer, but you’re also giving your customers an incentive to come back to your webshop. Most shoppers report that coupons are a driver for changes in purchasing behavior. And since you’re handing out a discount to someone who is already interested in your products, he or she will most likely come back when having one.

After installing Syner, an extra field will be added to the checkout page of your webshop where your customers can fill in their social media page. After your customers made their purchase we’ll send them a short email with instructions on how to promote your brand on their social media. Our system recognizes when one of your customers made a post where they promote your product and your brand. After that, we send your customer a discount decided by you on their next purchase in your webshop!

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October 28, 2021
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