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More than just Google shopping feed. Control your ads smarter.

About Swixs AdManager

Publish or disable ads : Easily enable ads for specific products or disable them.

Optimize expenses on ads : Depending on ROI (Return On Investment) get rid off or change ads which are not effective, but are eating away Your marketing budget.

View simplified sales data : View simple lists of orders and products along with data like amount soled and profit gained.


Our goal is successful marketing and increased sales!

Get Google Shopping feed for all your products in 1 click !

Advertising products (Google Shopping) in order to increase sales is somewhat a tricky task while trying to determine which ads actually convert to orders. It is very important to be able to determine Return on Investment (ROI), because even if ad results in a sale, it might be costing You more then actual gained profit (negative ROI).

With the help of Swixs AdManager view and analyze expenses on ads for products sold and depending on data alter or disable ads which are not bringing any profits.


To use analytical data You will be asked to setup your Google Account's API KEY and other attributes in order to receive data from Google service.

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December 15, 2021

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