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About SweetSpot Price Optimization

Improve your profitability : Don't leave something as crucial as pricing up to chance. Optimized pricing will make you more money every month.

Get actionable test results : SweetSpot is built from the ground up to ensure accurate, and actionable test results.

Get support from us : We will personally help you get started, and answer any questions you might have.


SweetSpot allows you to run statistically sound A/B tests for the price of your products. It helps you find the optimal price for your products so that you can maximize your profit.

Most serious store-owners spend considerable effort on A/B testing various landing page designs, color schemes, and checkout flows. Despite this, few of us put effort into making sure our pricing is equally optimized. Finding a more profitable price for a product is one of the best ways to make your business stronger.

SweetSpot works just like regular A/B testing:

  1. Select a control price and a test price for one or more products
  2. Start the experiment!
  3. Let the experiment run until it reaches a statistically significant result
  4. Adjust the price accordingly

Rinse and repeat until you've found the optimal price.

Statistically sound

When conducting any scientific experiment, it's essential to control for confounding variables. For example, if you change the price of a product from one week to the next, there's no way of correctly attributing the results to the price change. In this case, you might get mislead into switching to a price that may perform worse than the original.

This is why you want to base crucial business decisions, such as the price of your product, on statistically significant results. Where some other apps will give you overly optimistic or statistically unsound test results, we will always deliver truthful results.

Proven results with early clients

Before releasing SweetSpot to the Shopify App Store, we wanted to make sure that it can deliver the kind of results we're promising, so we ran price experiments with successful merchants from our network. In an early trial, changing the price lead to a significant increase in monthly profit. These results made us confident SweetSpot could help others too.

Built by e-commerce veterans

We understand that any downtime or issues can quickly add up to a lot of lost revenue. That's why we built SweetSpot on state-of-the-art infrastructure using high-assurance software development practices. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the reliability of our app.

Learn from big players

Price testing is by no means a new invention. Airlines, hotels, and large e-commerce companies have been doing dynamic pricing and price optimization for a long time. Until now, their strategies haven't been accessible to Shopify merchants, but we're here to change that.

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October 14, 2020
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