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Add metafields to orders, products and customers automatically

About Supra Metafields

Automatic metafields : Create metafields based on rules. Set conditions to match specific orders, products or customers and let the automation do the job for you!

Powerful metadata : Metafields can improve your store organization and user experience. The power of metafields is infinite. Use them as you want!

Online Store 2.0 : New Online Store 2.0 themes use metafields to let you better customize parts of the theme. Be ready for the new themes era!

Supra Metafields

Automatic Metafields

Add metafields automatically using rules. Rules may contain any number of conditions to match specific orders, products or customers. Once set rules will automatically run every time an order, product or customer is created/updated on your store.

Add Metafields to past Orders, Products or Customers.

You can also run the rules over a given date range to apply the metafields to orders, products or customers that match the conditions set.

Use any value as metafield or rule condition

The full list of Shopify attributes is available to use as rule conditions and as metafield value. This means you can use for example the order shipping address as a metafield value, or the product sku as another metafield value.

Customer support

We are ready to help you setup the rules you might need!

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May 06, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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