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Instantly increase your store’s page speed on mobile and web

About Superspeed ‑ Free Speed Boost

Faster site, more sales : Faster page speed means a better experience for your customers, preferential treatment by search engines, and more sales for you

Optimized for mobile & web : Our proprietary algorithm predicts what the customer will do next and instructs the browser to prepare for that action, speeding up results

Instant installation : Easy, 1-click installation process. No coding required. Free forever

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Nobody likes a slow-loading website

Customers are frustrated by slow sites, and don't convert as a result. Search engines penalize slow sites and rank them lower in search results. The decline in customer satisfaction, conversion rate, and revenue is real and annoying.

Superspeed offers an instant, easy-to-install, mobile-optimized solution that’s proven to increase page speed on all browsers and devices. Simply install the app and observe the immediate benefits, no coding or theme changes required.

How it works

Superspeed uses a combination of strategies to determine what a customer’s next action will be (i.e. clicking ‘Checkout’), and then fetches the page for that next action before they visit it.

When a customer eventually does navigate to the next page, their browser already has the important pieces downloaded and can show them very quickly. Customers experience a faster website, browse more pages, and convert more often, especially on slower mobile connections.

Mobile friendly

Superspeed’s proprietary page prediction algorithm looks at historical and recent shopping behaviours on each page to determine the most likely actions. Our methods result in substantially better load times, particularly for mobile visitors. Similar apps look at the customer’s mouse hover (for desktop) or phone touch (for mobile) as indicators for what they’re likely to do next. While this approach is somewhat effective, it has numerous limitations, particularly on mobile, where hovering over links doesn't really exist.

We’ve also optimized some internal processes that a customer's browser runs (DNS record lookups) that take place every time a browser loads a new page in order to make pages load even faster.

Free forever

We built this app so that first time entrepreneurs could benefit from the same sophisticated tooling that bigger brands are using. We’re committed to keeping the app free to ensure that the value of our efforts reaches the broadest audience possible. Add it to your store, configure Google Analytics, and get back to the important parts of running your business.

Full List of Technologies

Superspeed uses the following libraries to improve your page speed:

1 - for page prefetching on hover for desktop and mobile

2 - dnstradamus for DNS prefetching for all internal and external links

3 - Custom speculative page prefetcher, based on Google Analytics data

For more information or to ask questions, please feel free to reach out to

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February 17, 2020
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