Shopify App : Super Wishlists

Auto Reminders, Customizable Emails, 1-click add to Wishlist!

About Super Wishlists

Simple Wishlist Management : Fully Intuitive- Has Shopify Admin UI. Manage all your Wishlist users from a single screen. Analytics to help you see the big picture.

Automatic Email Reminders : Send automatic email reminders for Wishlisted items to drive sales to your store. Send Personalized Emails to your customers!

Mobile First & Customizable : Optimized for mobile users. No login required by users to save items to Wishlist. Bring your customers back to their saved favorites.


How it Works?

  • A user visits your shop and sees a product that they like, but wants to buy it later, they click on the wishlist button and the product automatically gets saved to their wishlist.
  • You- the store owner on the backend gets to see which customers have added what products to their wishlist and get a big picture using our Analytics Dashboard.
  • You can now send these customers email reminders-both automatic (for eg. 6 hrs. after a customer has added a product to the wishlist) or manually.
  • The customers see the emails and buy wishlisted items from your store!

Key Features

  1. Easily sync user/wishlist activity across devices and make their history available to them on any of their devices.
  2. Mobile/Responsive design: Works and displays on smartphones and tablets.
  3. Customize the text and appearance of the wishlist button.
  4. Fast Integration
  5. Smart dashboard providing you metrics and reports of the app activities on your Shopify store.
  6. Users can make wishlists on your store without logging in!
  7. Personalized Emails- Use our built-in email editor to customize the reminder emails that are sent to your customers!
  8. Wishlist buttons shown in the Navbar, Collections Page and Product Page which gives easy access to your customers.
  9. Customers can add product variants to their Wishlist and Wishlist page shows that variant with variant image.
  10. Premium support to all our users!

Analytics you need!

  • View wish list stats for your shop - how much revenue has been generated?
  • How many items have been added?
  • How many times has each product been added/favorited?
  • Which variant is most coveted?

Increase sales, keep customers coming back, and gain valuable insights!

Super Wishlists will help you learn about your customers, which products they like, and what they want most from your shop. You'll keep your customers coming back with automatic wishlist reminder emails. Super Wishlists will delight you and your customers with the overall experience!

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Launch date
July 08, 2021

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