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Product bulk editor, Excel UI. Price Change, SEO & Metafields

About Bulk Product Edit Super Sheet

Edit products Instantly! : Bulk edit products instantly, thanks to Shopify Bulk API! Data never leaves Shopify, so changes are reflected instantly in store!

Manage products fast! : Manage multiple products at once with spreadsheet UI like Excel or Google sheet. Full HTML editor, keyboard support and smart fields.

Edit product SEO plus anything : Edit SEO, metafields, variants and product data at once - use filters to focus on what's important, use bulk edit to update multiple fields.


Manage all your products at once, in spreadsheet right in your Store Admin. Bulk edit multiple products, variants, metafields and SEO fields with Search & Replace function.

Spreadsheet editing app with powerful product bulk editing

Super Sheet allows you to manage your products in a spreadsheet – like in Excel or Google Sheets – right from Shopify admin. Instead of importing and exporting CSV files and waiting for hours for data to sync between servers, you can simply edit products in the app and hit save. Thanks to the new Shopify Bulk API, the bulk updates to store catalog are instant – also including metafields editing and product SEO.


  • Bulk editor: Bulk Update many product fields at once, using simple "where" -clauses to find matches. Chain more clauses together to drill down and find exact matches. It's simple, yet very powerful!
  • SEO: edit product SEO like URL, meta titles and descriptions like any other field. Use template variables to repeat product title, type etc. in the text.
  • Metafield support: Bulk edit Metafields. Complete support for products – including metafields added via third party apps! When loading data, you can choose how the metafields are being handled.
  • Infinity scroll: scroll like you've used to in desktop apps like Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Save & Load searches for quick access - both for data and bulk edit queries!
  • Smart loading: Use status, dates, tags, vendor or free search term to load the data you need.
  • Focus: Show only certain types of fields, and filter & search items by their properties.
  • HTML editor: Edit HTML-fields using a fully-featured editor!
  • Keyboard support: Use arrow-keys to move, press enter to start editing.

Bulk edit Examples

  • Add tag 'Red' to each product, which has a 'red' option listed.
  • Add "Comfy" to all SEO titles for pants with "comfortable" mentioned in their description.
  • Rename each SEO title to "[[title]] is the best gift for holidays!" where [[title]] is the product name.
  • Replace prices of $10 with $9.90.
  • Increase the prices of blue shirts, tagged with "new", by $10.
  • Add 25 % to prices of variants that have inventory less than 5.

Why Super Sheet

Super Sheet grew from the need to be able to edit many products from different vendors in a familiar way. The existing apps were either slow at syncing data between servers, or more "task oriented". What was missing was a simple interface for editing the products. Everyone running a business is familiar how Excel works, so spreadsheet editor is a natural fit for the task. But editing tens of thousands of rows is not really feasible. So having powerful, yet simple bulk editing capabilities was the other goal right from the start.

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February 18, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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