Shopify App : Super Pinch and Zoom

Luxury product images view for desktop/mobile, pinch, and zoom

About Super Pinch and Zoom

Easy to Installation : one click to installation. It's automatically integrated with your product page. image gallery & multiple images gallery.

Mobile Friendly Feature, Touch : Mobile friendly fancy gallery, Better Zoom will provide a awesome experience for all of your customers.

Quality Image Pinch and Zoom : Single click to open gallery pop up. single click to pinch in and pinch out. product images thumbnail, zoom in and zoom out option.


Proof customers "Zoom in on the product image"

  • About 95% of customers "Zoom in on the product image" before making a purchase.

  • 93% of customers will "Zoom in on the product image" of local businesses to determine its quality.

  • 72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve "Zoom in on the product image".

3000+ Stores have found success with Super pinch and Zoom easy-to-build Zoom platform, making us the most trusted zoom and light box app in the world

Product feature image app GreatsHub Light Box works variant images with light box zoom., so your images change when you select the color/size variants still you can view full screens images. When you will scroll the window then auto pop up close.


  • Mobile optimized Looks great on every device. Swipe to navigate, spread/pinch to zoom in/out supported on touch devices.

  • Multiple instances It is possible to open a modal while another is still visible. full gallery visible with product image thumbnail.

  • Quick & Easy Setup Just one click to installation. we have 3 plans provided.

  • Automatic content recognition Supports most popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo videos.

  • GPU accelerated Hardware accelerated animations for better performance. user friendly.

  • Responsive Set HTML content dimensions using any CSS unit and the browser will do the rest. SVG icons can be easily customized using CSS.

  • Image share image sharing on social media Facebook, twitter and Instagram. full size gallery view option.

Images are often the only point of contact your customer has with the product before purchase nothing is more important. Customers can see the portions of the product they care about at a higher resolution and change previous, next images. Reveal the finer details and textures of your products. There is a good pop-up design.

Resilient with variant images, color switch increase your sales with a simple app installation reduce per-purchase thought, and lower abandon rates by letting out your customers get toward to the product.

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March 05, 2021
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Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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