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Boost sales with sticky Add To Cart, Skip the cart page

About Globo Sticky Add To Cart

Reduce number of abandon carts : Skip the cart and send customers directly to checkout when they click "Add to cart". Reduce the number of abandoned cart by skip the cart

Sticky add to cart button : Skip the cart page & sticky add to cart widgets will improve your sales. You will get more sales with sticky cart on product page.

Increase Conversion Rate : Sticky "Add to Cart" makes the purchase easier.


Skip the cart page and go straight to checkout

Do you think the checkout process is too long and complicated? Why not skip the cart page to make it simpler? By doing this it will help to increase your conversion rate.

"Straight to Checkout" directs your users to the checkout page after they click the "Add to Cart" button.

The app doesn't remove the shopping cart page it merely skips to the checkout page when the user clicks the “Add to Cart” button and the shopping cart page is still accessible from the main menu.

Skip to Cart is not the only feature of the app, we have also included other features to help increase your conversion rate.

Show popup after clicking "Add to cart"

This is an option if you need to show the cart details to your customers. The popup allows the customer to choose "Continue Shopping", "Go to Cart" or "Checkout". You are able to fully customise the option. For example, you are able remove "Go to Cart" and "Continue Shopping" from the popup.

The popup is fully editable. You are able to change: color, font-size, background, font-family, text, border, etc.

"Straight to Checkout" has three pre-made popup templates. You can choose a template that matches your marketing purposes.

The popup includes all of the functions of the original cart page plus more; Customers will be able to change product quantity, delete products in the cart, view cart total, etc.

Increase your sales with the Sticky "Add to cart" button

Naturally, the user will tend to click on "Add Product" if the button is displayed on the screen. If your product’s details page is very long on mobile or even desktop, customers will not be able to see the "add to cart" button if they scroll down to read the product's description.

However, because the "Add to cart" button is always displayed on the top or bottom of the page when using the "Straight to Checkout" app it means that your customers are always able to view the shopping cart

The app has 7 different sticky "Add to Cart" templates that display perfectly on both mobile and desktop. Your customer are also able to select product variants from the sticky bar.

Sticky cart

The Sticky cart is an option to display the cart on the screen. This helps to reduce the number of abandoned carts and also encourage customers to view their cart & process checkout.


Skip to cart is easy to use. You can install the app and use the features without any other steps and is compatible with all the themes whilst staying fully responsive. The popup & sticky bar are display perfectly on both mobile (iOS, Android, Ipad) and desktop. You can customise everything without technical experience and all the text is translatable to your language.

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August 09, 2018
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