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Launch Mobile App in No-Time : With Storifi's drag-and-drop mobile app builder, convert your store into android & iOS mobile apps for best mobile shopping experience.

Increase Customer Conversions : Most customers visit your shop via mobile devices. Maximize your mobile sales and improve the conversions with your mobile apps.

Improve Customers Engagement : Improve customers engagement and retention with our real-time push notifications. Send more effective notifications with product details.


Storifi - The Mobile App Builder for your Shopify Store

Maximize your mobile sales with Storifi today!

Convert your Shopify store into an app in minutes. Get your very own branded & customized Native (Android & iOS) app. Maximize sales, increase user retention, and grow your customer base all without too much effort. Spend your time on growing your business and leave all the technical work to us. All with your Shopify mobile app partner, Storifi!

Did you know? Most of your customers visit your shop on a mobile device!

Deliver a Native & Mobile-Centric experience to your customers with Storifi.

Why Storifi?

No need to follow with developers anymore! With Storifi's No-Code platform enterprises can create customized mobile apps for their organization in minutes! Practically any Shopify store owner can create their very own Native(Android & iOS) mobile application by themselves.

Worried about integrating data with your mobile app? No need to worry anymore. Storifi enables enterprises to not only create their very own mobile application but to also automatically integrate their store data and payment integrations with their Storifi mobile app.

Storifi has been developed by mobile developers with years of experience in delivering enterprise mobile solutions. With Storifi, store owners can essentially design, preview, deploy, and manage their very own mobile apps at a fraction of the cost. Revolutionize your mobile strategy with Storifi.

Register today to experience the Storifi platform!

  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder
  1. Lego-like Drag & Drop Builder
  2. Automatic integration with Store Data (Products, Collections, Payment Gateway etc.)
  3. Mobile Menu Manager
  4. Theme Color Customizations
  5. Icon Management
  • Real-Time Preview & Auto-Sync
  1. Real-Time Preview using Storifi's Mobile Simulator
  2. Preview your App using Test Flight & Android APK
  3. Auto-Sync Functionality to preview changes in Real-Time
  • Seamless Integrations
  1. Automatic Integration with Shopify Store Data (Products, Collections, etc.)
  2. Automatic Integrations with Existing Payment Gateways
  3. Full Auto-Sync with Existing Shopify Store Data
  • Professionally Managed Deployments
  1. Seamless Deployments using Storifi's App Publish Feature
  2. Professionally Managed Automated Deployments using Storifi's Intuitive Publish & Manage Features
  • Management Features

Customer Management System (Track Customers who have downloaded your app) Payment Management System (Track Orders that have been placed via your mobile app)

Push Notifications & Other Features Custom Push Notification Functionality Secure Payments

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November 05, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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