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Send restock alerts when products are back in stock.

About Stock Informant Restock Alert

Don't Miss a Sale : With Stock Informant you never need to worry about missing out on sales even if a product is temporarily out of stock.

Fully Automated : Stock Informant automatically detects when your products are back in stock and sends restock alert emails.

Product Insights : Track exactly which out of stock products are most requested to assist with inventory forecasting and buying decisions.


How It Works

Whenever a product is out of stock, Stock Informant displays a signup button on your product page. Shoppers can then enter their email address to a receive restock alert when the product is back in stock. Stock Informant automatically detects when the product is back in stock and sends a restock alert email to shoppers so you never have to worry about losing a sale.


Intuitive and Easy to Use Email Editor

Our email editor is where our app really shines. You won’t find a better or more easy to use email builder for your back in stock emails. Customizing text, colors and styling couldn’t be any faster and intuitive. Use the powerful live preview feature to view your edits and modifications in real time so you can instantly see your changes.

Beautiful Back in Stock Emails

Your shoppers will be delighted when they receive your restock alert emails from Stock Informant. Our emails look great and can be easily customized. Plus they’ve been meticulously tested on a variety of email clients. Plus as an extra precaution all emails include a view in browser feature that allows shoppers to view email content directly in their browser.

Product Variant Support

Stock Informant supports product variants so shoppers can sign up for out of stock notifications for a specific variant such as size, color, style etc. Stock Informant tracks inventory for each specific variant and notifies shoppers when their requested variant is back in stock.

Automated Inventory Detection

Stock Informant automatically monitors your inventory for you and detects once a product is back in stock. Stock Informant then automatically sends a restock alert to shoppers that their product is back in stock.

Powerful Tracking and Analytics

With Stock Informant you can track specific back in stock notifications to see which shoppers have completed their order. Stock Informant also calculates the exact amount of revenue it has generated for you so you know exactly how effective the app is. View exactly which products are most requested so you can make better inventory purchasing decisions.

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Launch date
January 20, 2021

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