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About StatsMaster True Profit

Profit Notifications : Get a daily profit notification via SMS, email or Slack. No more logging in to multiple places trying to calculate your profit

Facebook Ads : Automate the hard stuff. Connect to Facebook for automated importing of your ad spend that day.

Setup in minutes not days : It takes less than 10 minutes to Setup all your COGS, marketing, fixed and variable costs.

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Unless you've run a business, it's hard to appreciate just how difficult it is to actually know day-to-day if you're making money or not. Products have different margins, orders can fluctuate dramatically each day.

We had exactly this problem - at first, we'd log into multiple accounts each day and try and work out how much we'd made, but that soon became tedious and that's why we built a tool for which worked out our profit for us. It changed everything for us and now we're releasing it to the rest of the world...

StatsMaster has one job - to send you an SMS with a *really* good estimate of profit every day easily without it taking you hours or days or weeks to set up. We'd tried other profit reporting apps and found they were far too hung up on detail. There was too much to set-up, too much to monitor; they became overwhelming and unhelpful so StatsMaster is different.

NEW: Now also supports Slack

StatsMaster automatically evaluates: - Automatically fetches order revenue from today (excluding taxes) - Automatically subtracts the cost of the products in those orders (easy to setup) - Automatically fetches and subtracts your Facebook ad spend (one click to connect your ad account) - Automatically works out a daily portion (effective daily cost) of your weekly, monthly and annual fixed costs (things like marketing costs, staff, software storage etc) - Automatically subtracts per-order costs (things like shipping, pick and pack, customer service fees etc) - Automatically Subtracts your transaction fees, Shopify plan fees and Shopify App fees (3 minute one-time setup)

After it's done all that, it sends your mobile an SMS or Slack message showing what the calculated profit it made was.

Getting a simple number without logging in will change the way you run your business.

***New Features Coming in Q1 2019*** - Add multiple mobile numbers - Increase frequency to hourly updates (with optional working hours only mode)

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March 04, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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