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Increase conversions and see the revenue each button generates

About SquidVision Revenue Heatmaps

Increase Conversions : When you can see exactly which buttons and links are generating the most revenue, you can quickly make changes to increase conversions.

Create Better Calls To Action : Are your calls to action working? SquidVision will show you which ones you need to improve.

Improve Content Marketing : Is your blog content driving any sales? Now you can see how much each post generates and promote the winners.

Increase conversions with website heat maps that track revenue.

Finally a website heatmap that shows you revenue and not just clicks.

Since what feels like the beginning of the internet we have been fixated on seeing where people click on our website.

The problem is clicks don't necessarily equal money.

And yet for years we have been making conversion decisions based solely on clicks.

Not anymore.

With SquidVision, you can see exactly how much revenue every button and link on your website generates for you.

Is your main CTA working like it should?

Are your products listed in the optimal order?

Is your content marketing driving sales?

Now you can easily answer these revenue questions and so many more be seeing exactly where visitors are clicking and converting on your website.

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September 05, 2022

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