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Helpdesk with Marketing Tools & Chat Automation across IG & FB

About Spur: Support & Marketing

Improve Support Efficiency : Centralize chats in one place & automate queries with our chatbot, providing your brand’s agents more time to solve complex ones.

Turn IG/FB Comments into Sales : Connect Instagram & Facebook posts with products! As soon as someone shows interest & comments, they get the mentioned products in their DM.

View Holistic Customer Journey : Get a holistic view of a customer's journey & order details to have all the context you need & solve customer problems faster.

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Spur: Omnichannel Helpdesk with Marketing & Chat Automation

Be where your customers are! We’re an all-in-one tool for marketing, chat automation & commerce integration across Instagram, Messenger, & WhatsApp (coming soon).

Why Spur?

We enable brands to have conversations and marketing at scale and provide actionable insights. This improves customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, sales, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Our Aim

We aim to help D2C brands keep up with the ever-evolving customer communication channels. We want to create a world where a customer can message a brand anywhere, and they will always get their query resolved within moments. Purchases will happen from chat. Customers will get notifications only on their preferred channel and selected times instead of being bombarded with notifications anytime and everywhere.

6 reasons why Spur is the right choice for your brand:

1. eCommerce-focused Omnichannel Inbox

  • Access all conversations from IG & FB in one place.

2. Reduce Customer Response Time

  • We handle queries like order tracking, collaboration, and return using automation. This frees up live agents for more complex conversations.
  • You don’t need to build the chatbot from scratch! We’ve already made one for you. Simply configure the automation, incorporate your brand language, and you’re done!

3. Increase Social Engagement & Drive Sales from Comments

  • Connect Instagram & Facebook posts with products!
  • As soon as someone comments, they get the mentioned products in their DM.
  • Plan and launch campaigns with influencers to drive even more organic engagement & sales.

4. View Holistic Customer Journey & Actionable Insights

  • Spur automatically connects a contact with their Shopify customer profile when they make a purchase, track their order, or submit a query through chat.
  • Get analytics and data on everything! From sales because of Spur to performance of connected posts to queries & collaboration requests.

5. Smart Customer Reminders

  • Retarget abandoned checkouts & people who showed interest.
  • Follow us nudge to contacts who don't follow you on IG.

6. Brand Notifications

  • E-Mail notifications for every query or collaboration request received.

And more exciting updates are coming soon

  • WhatsApp, E-Mail & Live Chat integration
  • Segmented Bulk Messages
  • Recurring Notifications

I’m sold! How much time does it take to install the app and see the changes?

The setup is fairly simple. All you need to do is install our app, connect your Instagram & Facebook page, configure some basic automation, and we’re done!

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September 05, 2022
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