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Excel like spreadsheet editing metafields, csv, import, export

About S‑BULK Excel Like Product Edit

Clear and easy online editing : Excel-like spreadsheet interface enables you to quickly locate and change any product property or meta. Rich filter and data edit options.

Custom csv/xlsx exporting : Choose xlsx or CSV format and specify output column names as you need. Export meta fields. Save export sets like "for Amazon", "for FB"...

Smart import with preview : Smart import with "Preview" option. Recognizes a variety of input file formats. Imports everything including images, collect. and metas


S-BULK Excel Like Product Edit is an app that lets the users manage their products in a spreadsheet manner using an Excel-like interface.

This type of interface is preferred by most people because it gives natural in-control feeling over data and they understand it right away. Product/variant data is searchable/accessible and all editing means are concentrated on a single screen.

Features in general

  • LIVE data updates - if any product/variant property is changed outside of the APP, or by your colleague that also works on your shop in the APP, while you work changes will appear to you instantly.
  • GOOGLE SHOPPING SUPPORT (official meta list provided)
  • Fast product/variant management and import, export
  • Powerful & smart IMPORT parser (XLSX|CSV|ODT) - can parse various formats
  • IMPORT PREVIEW! - you see what will happen before commit
  • Export to XLSX or CSV. Ability to export only what is filtered
  • Best and easiest METAFILED editing tool (import | export | calculate )
  • Add/Edit/Delete products & variants
  • Mass add variant to filtered products
  • 5 days backward time-machine (if app was present)
  • Edit any property of product or variant
  • Search/Replace description and other text fields for a mass of products
  • Mass update price (DISCOUNT option). Price / Compare price can be increased or decreased by percent or fixed amount
  • Drag-down | up cell value set and DRAG-&-DROP images!
  • Apply mass actions to a filtered set of products
  • FILTER by any column you see (default set or calculated or metafield)
  • MASS-process filtered products & variants
  • TRIGGERS - you can program a trigger to calculate some value after some product/variant property update.
  • CALCULATED COLUMNS - filterable! Similarly to Google Spreadsheets Triggers/Calculated columns language is JavaScript (NOT VBA), current row object is $R. Most of columns may trigger even on server side while you don't use the APP.

Operations, like adding a product to the collection, editing meta fields, copy-pasting images for products or variants, are significantly easier​ using this type of data entry.

This APP that gives the best interface for the edit of product and variant metafields - JUST TYPE INTO CELL AND THATS IT! .

Ability to automatically add meta-fields on front-end product page.

Spreadsheet GUI supports columns data sorting, re-sizing, re-order, hiding, variable number of frozen columns, column re-naming.

FILTERING * you can type "> 100" in filter corresponding to numeric column to filter only items with a value greater than 100. * you can use combine multiple conditions with ||, for example to get ones between 100 and 500 * use ! at start for negation, = for exact match on text columns * when exporting you will get what is filtered in a exported file

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November 30, 2016
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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