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Powerful search, smart filters, and brilliant merchandising

About Modd Search, Filters & Merch

Advanced Merchandising : Powerful collection and search curation tools to shine a spotlight on the right products. Spot gives your merchandisers complete control.

Powerful Search and Filters : Lightning fast, AI-optimized search tailored to your catalog, with smart filtering to help customers zoom in on what they're looking for.

Built for Shopify : Built from the ground up to make the hard things easy. Integrates completely with Shopify's variants, collections, interface and billing.


Spot provides enterprise grade search, filtering and merchandising solutions used by top brands to keep the right products in the spotlight. Built only for Shopify, Spot seamlessly integrates and adds powerful functionality designed to let merchants and theme developers focus on what’s important.


  • Delight your customers with blazing fast, highly relevant, personalized search that understands your unique catalog in any language.
  • Drive engagement with dynamic search filters, suggestions, popular searches, instant preview, content and collection search.
  • Enhance your catalog with synonyms, swatches, custom fields and facets.
  • Capture intent with intelligent spell correction, redirects and no-results merchandising.
  • Boost products you want to move with boost rules and curate top searches with product pinning.


  • Easily create smart, instantly updating filters from anything in your catalog and decide when, where and how they appear.
  • Use sliders, swatches, ranges, multi-select or anything else to make filters meaningful.
  • Group similar values, like shades of a color, to improve useability.
  • Fully supports variants - show the right image, split product tiles, select variants and more little details that make a great shopping experience.


  • Enhance existing collections with additional filters, custom sorting, boost rules, product pinning, collection-specific filters
  • Sort products by anything in your catalog, including metafields, or using Liquid.
  • Recommendation panes drive sales to related or complementary products using flexible rules
  • Show the full range of your offering while simplifying product management with unique product splitting and merging functionality (ie. display each color as a separate tile).
  • Create display rules to dynamically apply different presentation settings to existing collections, useful for campaigns, A/B testing, localization and theme development.
  • Build custom fields using Liquid to extend your catalog, fix bad data, or perform complex calculations


  • Easily integrated theme app extensions for simple storefront integration
  • Fully featured SDK optimized for Shopify theme development
  • HTTP Endpoint available for completely custom deployments
  • Read the technical docs at

Built for Shopify

  • Spot leverages your existing investment, seamlessly integrating everything in Shopify including native multilingual
  • Cut development costs and return control to non technical business teams

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Launch date
August 30, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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