Shopify App : Easy Product Addons

Display related products accessories on product page.

About Easy Product Addons

Display Related Products : Display related products as add-on on the product page and cart page. Apply Discount.

Purchase Multiple Products : Customers can purchase multiple products with a single click. All products are added to cart with a single click

Increase Average Order Value : Customers can purchase multiple products from a single page. Make purchasing easier and increase average order value

Product Addons

Compatible with Online Store 2.0

New Feature: Apply Discounts on Addon Products.

The Product Add-ons app is built to make the process of purchasing multiple products easy and frictionless.

Make it easy to purchase and make more money.

Display Related addons on the product page

The app allows you to associate multiple products and display the associated products on the product page itself.

Display Related Addons on Cart Page

Merchants can easily display add-ons on the cart page as well.

Attach add-ons in bulk

Merchants can easily attach add-ons to a single product or the whole collection with a single click. The bulk attachment feature will save time for large merchants

No Popups

The associated products as displayed as checkboxes on the product pages. Users can browse and select multiple add on products by clicking on the checkboxes

Add Multiple products to the cart in a single click

Users can select multiple products without requiring to open a new window. All addon products are displayed on the product page itself. Users can select the required add-ons via checkboxes and add all selected products to the cart in a single click.

Increase Average Order Value

Users can purchase multiple products addons without leaving the product page. This will increase conversions and increase average order value. Which directly translates to increased profits.

Customers Can purchase Multiple Items

Customers can easily purchase multiple products without requiring to navigate to different pages.

Use cases

  1. The electronic store can offer cords / batteries / chargers as addons to Laptop products.
  2. Party stores can offer balloons/decoration items as add-ons to gift products
  3. Gift stores can offer gift wrap as addons to all the gift items.
  4. Watch stores can sell straps as add-ons.
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December 18, 2018
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