Shopify App : Speed Defender

Protect your online store’s texts, images and best sellers.

About Speed Defender

Anticopy of texts and images : Prevents your competitors from copying your images, texts and media.

Protects your best sellers : Prevents your competitors from seeing and analyzing your best sellers.

Desktop and Mobile Compatible : Compatible with all browsers and all devices (Computers, Tablets, Mobile).


This application will prevent your competitors from copying your texts and your media files (images and videos)

These scripts allow you to overcome all possibilities of attacks and attempts to copy your content on your Shopify store.

This solution will prohibit your competitors from doing the following things:

  • Right click.
  • Copy your texts.
  • Copy your images.
  • Prevent the searching of your images on Aliexpress.
  • Download your videos.
  • Drag and drop your media files.
  • Drag and drop your content.
  • The F12 key to analyze your code.
  • PC screenshot.
  • Show your best sellers.
  • Anti Ctrl + (A, S, U, P).
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to copy your source code.

PS: If you have the Speedfly theme, your best sellers are already protected by default!

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January 18, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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