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Talk to customers via WhatsApp : Elegant WhatsApp Chat widget for your Shopify store. Talk to your customers directly using WhatsApp.

Make your store Elegant : Customise the look of your Shopify store with Google fonts. Add any Google font to any section of your website.

Improve page load experience : Preload your pages and make them superfast for your users. One click setup and improve the customer experience.

SocialX Shopify App


Thank you very much for coming to our app. We are building SocialX to provide all the different apps to supercharge your store with different social media accounts. Social media is the ultimate and most efficient way to gain users, engage with them, etc and ultimately to increase your sales. The building guidelines for this app are

  1. Make it really easy for store owners to install
  2. Make it really powerful so that store owners get more sales
  3. Provide the best support to the customers

WhatsApp Chat App

Our WhatsApp Chat App helps Shopify owners like you to chat with customers and solve their queries directly via WhatsApp itself. This will help you to get more loyal customers and also get more sales.

  1. Add WhatsApp chat app in a few clicks
  2. Talk to your customers directly via WhatsApp
  3. Setup as per your theme's colors etc
  4. Add unlimited agents
  5. Set individual agent's working hours
  6. Add animation and sound effects to attract customers

Google Fonts App

Customize the look and feel of your Shopify store with Google fonts. Add any font to any section of your website. Your font is one of the best ways to add a great look and authenticity to your users

  1. 1400+ Google fonts supported
  2. Apply fonts for any section as per your requirement
  3. Customise more using custom stylesheet
  4. Supported in all Shopify themes
  5. Device type & multi languages supported
  6. Easy to Setup, easy to manage
  7. Free professional set up if required

Instant Preload App

This app will help you prefetch the pages so that your customer gets faster page loads

  1. 1-click setup
  2. Preload the pages before the user clicks
  3. Increase the conversion rate

Looking forward to be a part of your success journey! -- Team SocialX

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May 20, 2022
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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