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Increase sales conversion by integrating UGC as Social Proof

About Socialphotos UGC Social Proof

Sell More w/ Social Proof : Encourage your customers to buy your products by seeing how others wear or use the product, and invites them to interact on Instagram.

Instagram + Direct Upload : Curate customer photos from Instagram posts, tags, mentions, hashtags, reels and Direct website Uploads.

Engage Customers To Share : Send branded emails to your customers inviting them to share their photos and be featured.

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Customer Photos + Videos as Social Proof

What is Socialphotos?

Socialphotos displays user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram & website uploads on your homepage and product pages as social proof.

Why is Socialphotos different from the other UGC apps?

  • You can style the galleries differently for different screen sizes. For example, you can have a gallery that displays 120 customer photos on the desktop and only 6 photos on mobile.
  • You can embed our widget anywhere. For example, you can display the customer photos next to the product thumbnails.
  • Our subscription plans do not change as your orders grow and existing customers are always grandfathered in.

How does it work?

  • When you install Socialphotos, we add a tiny (7.3 kB) javascript file to your website which does not affect your website speed as we load it asynchronously from a CDN.
  • You connect Instagram and we fetch your posts, tags, @mentions, and #hashtags.
  • Visitors can also upload their photos directly from your website.
  • You then add these customer photos & videos into a gallery.
  • Finally, you embed the customer gallery into your homepage and product pages.

Additional Benefits

  • Increase sales and conversion by creating customer lookbooks so visitors can shop the look.
  • Email customers who purchased a product and invite them to share their style on Instagram and be featured on your website.
  • Style the galleries without any coding or technical knowledge with our extensive customization options.
  • Serve images and videos fast with Google Lighthouse recommended webp format.
  • Integrated with your orders so our analytics can tell you how Socialphotos increase your sales, conversions, and engagements.

  • Works with emojis and foreign languages.

  • Works on both the 1.0 (vintage) and 2.0 themes.

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February 24, 2014
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