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About Easy Social Login

One click social login : Login with your favorite social networking (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn) platform in single click

Automated setup & Installation : The Social login can be used within few minutes after its easy installation

Customizable look and feel : Flexible look and feel to fit your theme perfectly


• Quick installation.

The Easy Social login can be used within few minutes after its easy installation. There isn't any need to remember many passwords. With just one password, your customers will surely re-visit your store.

• Improved relevant traffic with productive sales

Increases the website traffic with specific customer data collection and abandonment of shopping cart. With more connected social networking, more customers can grow your business.

• Fully Customizable

The social login App specifically designed to make customization directly from your theme so you can override.

Know Social Login by PIXLOGIX

The Social Login App of PIXLOGIX combines all the leading social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, for a simple customer login process. With the app's amazing benefits, the customers will be less likely to abandon their shopping cart.

The offered features:

• It provides the advantage of automatic integration of sign-in and sign-up for all the leading social networking platforms.

• It allows customers to login from anywhere with the help of a responsive popup login form.

• It can easily portray the social login using an embed code

• With its help, you can easily enable or disable the leading social networks

• You can very conveniently change the button size from small to medium to large, the button type from the supported eight-button types, the heading, and the button position from top to bottom in the login form

• It works suitably on all the leading devices and offers the convenience of full customization

• Generally, the customers are redirected to 'my account page' after successful login. But, the use of Social Login App ensures to redirect the customers to the 'custom page,' 'product page' or the 'collection page' according to the need

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September 03, 2021
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