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About Easy Social Icons

Share your Products : Share your products on multiple social platform to increase your product searching

Increase Sales : Increase your sales by promoting your products and services.

Easy To Setup : Our app is easy to install and easy to setup. You just need to configure and publish the settings

Easy Social Icons Settings

Social Sites are very popular nowadays. We know the value of social sites. A social site performs a very important role to increase sales of a store. Social sites can increase the sales of the store. We are introducing the **Easy Social Icons** App. Easy Social Icons is used to increase your social network. so your store's conversion increases.

Working of Easy Social Icons

Social Icons app helps you to add quickly icons with links to your profiles from different social networks. We allow you to create various social icons and link your social profiles from your store. You can display your social icons vertically or horizontally to match perfectly with your design. With it, you can easily choose which profiles to link to, and customize the color and size of your icons.


  1. Drag & Drop Social Icons position.
  2. Social Icons color customization settings.
  3. Vertical and horizontal social icons display settings.
  4. Adjust social icon size according to your store.
  5. Choose different types of social icons to hover style.
  6. Configure social icons style.
  7. Slide social icons from the top.
  8. Display social icons left or right.
  9. Custom CSS Support.

Fast Support

We have a customer support team for handling any query, just ask anything regarding the app on support widget in the app.

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December 20, 2017
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