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Convert Facebook Users : You can convert your Facebook page's followers into customers! We'll watch all your posts for buyer comments and message them automatically.

Product Overlays : We've implemented product overlays that work right from your browser, no software or apps to download!

Simple Interface : We've built our interface with simplicity in mind while still packing powerful features into the app. Handle comment-selling with ease.

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Comment-sell on Facebook

Have you seen those people selling on Facebook Live and thought "hey, that's a good idea" and want to try it yourself? Are you an existing comment-seller that has noticed that the existing apps and services just don't cut it? We've built a comment selling app that's browser based and doesn't require any custom software to be installed. We currently support Chrome and Firefox for livestreams (you can use the other browsers for everything else) and are working on mobile support right now!

Simply add the app to your store, select whether you wish to manually tag or have your products automatically tagged, connect your Facebook page (and a group if you wish), and go live on Facebook with various styles of product overlays supported!

Key features:

  1. Livestream right from the app with product overlays. Select from a list of overlay styles to control how your overlay appears on your stream!
  2. Build a product queue, scan barcodes, or manually select products during your stream. We don't lock you into one method of product selection, use the method you wish, when you wish! Have a product that a customer asks about mid-stream? Simply select it from the manual product selector or scan its barcode and it will appear on screen!
  3. Automatically message customers when they comment their interest in buying your product. We'll watch every post, not just livestreams, and you can even specify your own custom BUY keyword! We'll give your customers simple buttons to click right from Facebook Messenger, allowing them to select which option they want before sending them to their cart. In case you're wondering, we use Shopify's existing cart page!
  4. Automatically tag your products so you don't have to tag them all yourself. Instead of having products tagged based on the products' Shopify tags, we give you the option to either be specific with your tags or automatically assign products with a tag number.
  5. Automatically message customers who have opted into your waitlist when a product is back in stock, allowing them to add the product to their cart and checkout just the same as if they were shopping one of your streams. If someone builds a cart then decides not to proceed because one of the items they want is out of stock, those items will also be in their cart when they checkout for the waitlisted item. They can easily remove the extra items if they desire, but if they still want the items, they're ready to go!
  6. Multiple overlay themes to choose from!
  7. You can automatically discount your products (percentage-based or dollar-based) for comment-sales.

Find us on Facebook as Social Comment Selling and place a comment on our test post to see what your customers will see!

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August 08, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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