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About Soapbox

Simplify fulfilling orders : It's time to move past old, complicated fulfillment software. Manage shipping, inventory, rates and label printing - all in one place.

Sell on more storefronts : Why limit yourself to one sales channel? Take advantage of multi-storefront listings with a fulfillment platform that makes scaling easy.

Save your time and money : Time and money are rocket fuel for your business. Maximize both with software for inventory management, shipping automation, and more.

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Fulfillment Software That Works For You

E-commerce fulfillment can be a cumbersome process that places limitations on your ability to grow quickly. Or, it can give you more *control* over your business, more *time* to focus on growing your business, and more *money* to invest in scaling your business.

Whether you sell 1) one item or a thousand, 2) on one storefront or multiple channels, 3) from out of your garage or large distribution centers - we believe your fulfillment process should work for you, not against you.

A New Era In E-Commerce Fulfillment

Soapbox was created to flip the switch on legacy shipping solutions, and usher in a new era in e-commerce fulfillment. The right shipping software should offer you fulfillment discounts, inventory management, label printing, order management and more to help propel your business forward.

How Soapbox Can Help Your Business

  1. Missing out on additional revenue because multi-channel self fulfillment is too complex? Grow new revenue streams with the ability to view, split and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and list products from a single dashboard across all storefronts and marketplaces.

  2. Wasting time trying to find the right shipping packaging for your orders? Or worse, choosing the wrong packaging? Streamline order fulfillment with shipping software that automatically recommends the best shipping packaging based on what you have available, and inventory management software that notifies you *before* it is time to restock.

  3. Constantly switching between platforms to print labels? Conveniently pick, pack, and label from within your Soapbox dashboard. PLUS get label discounts for cheap shipping.

  4. Sales suffering from unwanted inventory gaps and “out of stock” notifications? Keep your sales engine churning with simplified inventory management across all your stores and automated restock alerts. If competitors are forced to pause campaigns due to poorly managing inventory, you will be positioned to capture market share and deliver the goods when others can’t.

  5. Manually shopping rates from shipping carriers? Leverage our shipping platform to automatically shop and select the carrier with the best shipping discounts, for every order. Save time and money, and guarantee you get the most margin out of every sale.

Get Started Today

Soapbox makes it easy to manage your e-commerce fulfillment with a single fulfillment software for all of your needs. Plus, we offer up to 90% off USPS and up to 60% off UPS shipping rates, so you can take advantage of volume discounted shipping like large merchants.

Try Soapbox today and deliver the goods like never before.

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June 20, 2022
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