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About Snap Inventory

Insightful Analytics : Spot inventory trends and view changes made by each of your users.

Tracking for the Whole Team : Share tracking responsibilities by adding up to 15 users with role-based permissions.

Mobile Barcode Scanning : Scan barcodes using just your iPhone when you download the Snap Inventory app for iOS.


Snap Inventory Makes Inventory a Snap

Take your inventory tracking to the next level with this easy-to-use app for web and iOS. Manage inventory across locations, stay synced with Shopify, spot trends with advanced analytics and more.

Always stay up to date

With cloud syncing, your data remains backed up and up-to-date across multiple devices. Snap Inventory also provides advanced analytics and low stock alerts to keep you informed about your business.

Inventory tracking for the whole team

If you have a team, you can add up to 15 users to view and manage inventory. Role-based permissions give you control over the set of features each user can access.

Manage Your Inventory in One Place

Manage your Shopify store inventory with Snap Inventory. Any inventory changes in your Shopify store will be reflected in the Snap Inventory app and vice versa, so you only have to look in one place to check item stock. Snap Inventory also shows you a list of every stock level change made by your users and Shopify.

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February 12, 2020

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