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About Quantity Discount Offers+Deals

Quantity Breaks & Discounts : Offer volume discounts on quantity. Use quantity pricing to reward bulk orders using fixed amount or percentage price breaks + increase AOV

Custom Tiered Pricing Display : Flexible display of your quantity breaks and bulk discounts. Change calls to action, colours and more to match your discounts & theme

Automatic Discounted Upsells : Use our One Click Upsell to highlight your volume discount. Instantly raise order quantity and cart value using quantity breaks.


Sell more today: Create Quantity Breaks Now

Could you make more from every sale? The fastest way to earn more from your store is to offer volume discounts to your customer. Our product discount app makes it easy.

Start super simple - offer a discount percentage or fixed discount pricing to anyone who spends more than $x in your store.

Or get granular:

  • Set tier pricing for specific products
  • Create bulk discounts for large wholesale orders
  • Offer bulk discounts on the volume bought of any product in a collection
  • Or offer a quantity price break on the number of items in their entire order

Create Quantity Discounts For An Entire Order

One of the simplest discounts you can offer bold quantity breaks for orders over a set basket value or quantity of items. Set value or quantity discount by percentage (eg Spend >$50 save 10%) or a fixed amount off (eg buy 10, get $20 off)

Set Tiered Pricing For Specific Products

Prefer fixed price tiers instead of discount quantity by a percentage? You can quickly create a tiered discount for a clear call to action + simple pricing tiers. (eg Buy 1 for $10, or 2+ for $8 each!)

Offer Multibuy Discounted Upsells On Product Bundles

Give your customers choice by offering a discount quantity bundle that applies to all products in a collection - or from a list you provide. Take advantage of smart discounted upsells, such as ‘Buy any 3 candles to save 20%’, and add smart upsell notification to your cart.

Customize the look & feel of your pricing table

You want your shop to look its best. That’s why we’ve fully integrated Quantity Breaks+Bulk Discounts with the Shopify theme customization tool. Change font face, colour & size for bold discounts that match your theme.

Customer only discounted pricing

Offer your loyal customers quantity pricing when they come back & buy more. It only takes one checkbox to limit your quantity breaks & tiered pricing to existing customers - use customer tags to reward the most loyal.

Use customer tags to limit quantity breaks to eligible shoppers

Want to restrict your tiered pricing discounts to wholesale customers only? Limit your campaign by tag & only matching customers will be shown your quantity breaks.

One click Upsells in your in your cart

The powerful instant one click cart upsell encourages shoppers to increase their order value, highlighting the savings from tiered discounts + offering an automatic discount in 1 click.

Why Smarty Quantity Breaks?

  • Automatic discounts on price breaks
  • Works With “Buy it Now” + PayPal, Shopify multi-currency, AJAX Carts + Mobile
  • Flexible theming - edit anything!
  • Become a discount ninja
  • Free setup for custom themes
  • Set Start/End Date of Campaign
  • Multilingual text fields
  • Automated Cart Upsell
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October 23, 2018
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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