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The most beautiful, custom, no-code site navigation builder

About Smart Nav

Simple. Smart. Sleek. : Choose from 5 beautiful, customizable templates. Use our suggestions of your top collections to build your Nav Live Preview your design

Immersive Product Discovery : Only 3 clicks to reach a Product! Enable seamless and intuitive interaction with your products without leaving the home page

Conversion and Revenue Driver : As customers effortlessly discover more relevant products compared to traditional menus, they drive your Conversion Rate and Revenue higher


The Nav That Changes Everything

Enable blazing fast product discovery, one-click add to cart and boost your sales with zero coding required!

Smart Nav is an incredibly powerful, easy to build navigation that not only increases sales and conversion, but is also visually stunning.

Why Smart Nav?

  • Faster Product Discovery

Compared to traditional navigation, Nav enables shoppers to discover significantly more products without leaving the page they are on, increasing the chances they may find something they like

  • Better Nav. Higher Revenue

Crush your conversion goals. As more relevant collections and products are discovered, the order value, conversion rate and site revenue all increase.

  • Different Nav For Every Page

Ever wanted to show a top-level navigation on the homepage, while building a totally different Nav highlighting the sub-collections on collection pages? With Smart Nav, now you can!

  • Easy to Build

Simply choose a theme, let Nav do all the work, and then just deploy. No coding required at all! Nav is compatible with all Shopify themes and page types!

How It Works

  • Choose A Template

Pick from 5 proven, beautiful templates. Further customize your menu to suit your style!

  • Watch The Magic Unfold

Smart Nav's A.I automatically find the revenue generating and converting collections and pages for you, empowering you to create the navigation that converts best. Zero coding necessary!

  • Live Preview

Visually build your navigation by seeing how each change looks across different devices before going live!

Measure The Impact

Using Smart Nav's analytics, track page performance, monitor revenue generated and find out how you can further optimize your Nav!

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Launch date
December 24, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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