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About Smart Sell Club ‑ Wholesaler

Additional Revenue Channel : By making your products available to Dropshippers, you can increase your sales quickly. Imagine how many extra sales this will get you.

Scale to other countries : There is no need to build another store in another Country or language. Dropshippers in those Countries are ready to sell your products now.

Grow your brand : There is no faster way to grow your brand then letting other retailers market and sell your products. Set up only takes a few minutes.


About Smart Sell Club for Wholesalers

Don't let paid advertising be your only option to bringing in sales. Ad costs are getting out of control and now with the IOS update, it will be hard to make paid ads profitable. You need to look for an additional channel to bring in sales.

This is where Smart Sell Club Wholesaler comes in. We allow you to add an additional revenue stream by making your products available to dropshippers at a wholesale price on the Smart Sell Club Marketplace. The Smart Sell Club Marketplace provides E-commerce stores like you with a great platform where they can offer their products to millions of Shopify dropshippers globally.

Seize the opportunity to be part of a network of trustworthy wholesalers from all over the world. We have a free Starter plan that will get you set up in minutes. The product integration is quick and simple. Provide your own shipping details, product description and other useful information so Dropshippers can start selling your products immediately. Our app also updates important details such as pricing daily, so dropshippers will always have the latest information.

To be approved as a wholesaler in the Smart Sell Club Marketplace you must have stock of the products you are listing. You must either have the stock at your business address or at your warehouse. You will be required to ship all orders within 2 business days.

Quick & Easy Product Synchronization

To list your products, install our application and sync your store. Smart Sell Club will manage a direct integration from your Shopify store, and sync every necessary product detail so we can create ready-to-sell items for dropshippers at a click of a button. You can also upload any marketing material that will help dropshippers sell your products.

Automated Uploads & Updates

Smart Sell Club automatically manages product data uploads and updates on a daily basis. If your stock levels are zero, Smart Sell Club will make your product unavailable until you update your stock levels. By default, we update the inventory quantity and price changes.

Order fulfilment

This is where the magic happens. You receive orders to your store as you would normally. Just fulfil the orders as you currently do and the tracking details will be sent to the dropshippers store once shipped.


As the dropshipper sells your products we automatically charge them and pay you. You get paid within days directly into your nominated bank account.

List your products and let Dropshippers sell your products for you.

Smart Sell Club for Wholesalers - Work Smarter Not Harder. It's time to scale your business with Smart Sell Club.

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February 26, 2021
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