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Promoting mobile apps on the App Store Integrated with Android

About Smart Mobile App Banner

Users to find app link easily : Smart mobile app banner is a recommended method of promoting mobile apps on the App Store from the store.

IOS+Android mobiles app : IOS and Android mobile apps fully integrated with your Shopify online store.

No Coding Required : Don't worry about changing your theme or coding. All you have to do is install the app and enable Bar. It truly is that simple.


Key Features :

  • Smart Mobile banner app, After tap on the banner button it will redirect user to Apple App Store / Google Play Store to download your app.
  • You can customize the appearance of the widget.
  • With one click you can enable or disable the widget on your store.
  • Simple setup.

Full Description

Smart Mobile app banner automatically detects, if your app is pre-installed on any mobile device and redirect the user to your app instead of app store in just one tap.

If your app is not installed, then tapping on the banner will redirect them to Apple App Store / Google Play Store to download your app without any hustle. It can be used for various social channels, websites, and banner ads. Or, design printed branded banners to hang at company events, conferences or conventions.

This banner app also ensures whether your app is supported on the user’s device or not. If the device does not support your app, or if your app is not available in the user's location, the banner will not display.

It features custom color on all four elements: Container, Message, Button, and Divider for the contrast readability and a protruding close button for users to easily dismiss the banner. This app can create banners which can be fixed at Top / Bottom of the screen without interrupting the web content or can be scrolled off the screen with the content. If the persistent search bar is present then, these banners automatically place themselves below the search bar and remain on screen when scrolling pannable content, such as a map.

These trustworthy banners are evolving the digital market growth enormously in every field as it does not lead the users to any third-party advertisement.

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October 07, 2020
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