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About qikify Smart Bar & Banner

Boost sales with promotion bar : Quickly create with well-designed templates that display announcements, promote products, offers & special events right on promotion bar.

Increase conversion rate : Countdown timer, free-shipping messages that drive FOMO and create urgency. All bars can be sticky to catch buyer's attention.

Track performance : Analytics tools that record clicks, closes, and heat-map to optimize your promotion bar efficiency.


Get Smart Bar today to display stunning and high-converting bars in your store. Whenever buyers visit your store, it's time to drive FOMO and create urgency that motivates them to buy more.

All different types of announcement bars in 1 app.

With Smart Bar, you can create and display as many bars & banners as you need in your store. Choose from many high-converting bar types which include:

  • Countdown bar shows offer with countdown timer which improves conversion rate. You can set up your auto-repeat countdown bar which automatically starts again once finished.
  • Free shipping bar displays free-shipping offer. You can customize your free-shipping messages when your customers visit a specific page on your store.
  • Promotional bar which can promote products with clickable images, discount codes on the bar with a CTA button to motivate customers.

Save a lot of time to make promotion bar with:

  • Free templates and examples in demo store to give you ideas
  • Real-time preview to optimize

Fully customizable and adaptive bar

  • Change fonts, colors and background images to fit your theme
  • Optimize for different screen sizes (desktop and mobile)

Multiple promotion bars

  • Create and display numerous promotion bars on store
  • Change display order to promote top prioritized bars
  • Set duration for switching from bar to bar

Advanced Targeting Features

  • Targeting by devices (desktop/mobile)
  • Targeting by specific sources (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Targeting by countries
  • Targeting by selected pages/excluded pages
  • Set schedule for bars to display in a period of time

Manage your business with analytics tools

  • Track bar performance (clicks and closes) so you can maximize your promotion results
  • Heat-map to help you understand your customers behavior
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports

How successful merchants are using Smart Bar:

  • Welcome/Hello bar
  • COVID alert bar
  • Holiday sale announcement bar
  • Countdown timer for sale events
  • Free shipping bar with country targeting
  • Cross-selling promotion bar
  • Limited coupon/discount code bar
  • Back-in-stock announcement bar

We are always at your service, let us know if you need any help with your promotion bar.

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September 26, 2018
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