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More sales channels means more sales, but the catch? Tracking your sales data online and offline manually can be time-consuming and lead to costly out-of-stocks.

Smapify bridges the gap between your physical and digital storefront by providing a data synchronization service between the two popular commerce platforms, Smaregi and Shopify. You’ll be able to manage your sales orders and product catalogue regardless of where your sale takes place, meaning multichannel sales has never been easier!

What does Smapify do?

Smapify automatically syncs data between your Smaregi and Shopify accounts. This means data, from your product inventory to your sales, will be synced across both platforms.

What information can Smapify sync?

Smapify can be used to sync your products, inventory, customers, and orders between Smaregi and Shopify. You can also customize what data gets synced once you’ve completed the set-up.

Do I need to have both a Smaregi and Shopify store to use Smapify?

Yes, you will need both a Shopify and a Smaregi account to use Smapify.

How does Smapify sync data?

Smapify is able to detect changes on either platform so it can push newly added/updated products, customers, orders, and more between the two platforms.

What if I have multiple Smaregi or Shopify stores I sell from?

A single subscription of Smapify will connect one Shopify account to one Smaregi account. Merchants with multiple locations for the same shop can take advantage of Shopify's Location feature.

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August 24, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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