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Sell and deliver digital files instantly and without limits.

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Sell digital files and videos : Sell absolutely any digital download on the market: videos, music, e-books, podcasts, PDFs, PNGs, EMPs, JPGs, well, you get the picture.

Customized, instant downloads : Give customers immediate access to content they have purchased. Entirely customizable delivery allows a fully custom, on-brand experience.

Everything in store : Maintain a frictionless, on-brand experience by keeping customers in store right through delivery.

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Do you want to sell downloadable digital products on Shopify without any hassle, delays, or extra steps? Sky Pilot is the perfect solution for you!

Sky Pilot is a Shopify app designed to enable selling downloadable digital files, music, videos, ebooks, and courses.

Sky Pilot - Digital Downloads offers a seamless solution to sell and share videos and digital files directly through your Shopify store and deliver them to your customers immediately. It empowers you to create a catalogue of all your digital products in easy-to-navigate folders, creating a seamless customer experience. This will not only save you precious time sorting through products but also allow you to increase your sales through its one-click purchase and immediate delivery system.

Create an efficient order management system for your digital products.

You can have unlimited files/videos per item in your store, and organize them into videos and playlists customized to your specific needs. Furthermore, you can monitor the download activity and keep track of your sales and revenue stream with its analytical platform.

Bundle physical and digital products easily.

You can attach unlimited digital files or videos to any physical product without affecting the fulfilment status, easily allowing you to bundle your physical and digital products. File protection allows you to limit downloads per file, set access to expire after a chosen number of days, and even get alerts when access has been granted or taken inappropriately.

Give your customers an instinctive and flawless experience within your Shopify store.

All delivery pages are hosted directly within your Shopify store. It is completely customizable according to your needs with access to both, basic settings and full code customization. The customer stays within your Shopify store the entire time, with no external bridges, creating an ecosystem within your online store. After checkout, your customer will be directed to a page within your store to download files and/or stream videos associated with their purchase. The customer will also receive a link to the page via email to download their purchased product at their convenience, and they can log in to their account to access their purchase at any time.

Advanced Features and Shopify Plus Support

Do you have larger needs and requirements than what is described here? SkyPilot offers custom pricing that can scale to fit your needs. We have an advanced infrastructure that can handle major releases. Contact support today and we can help you set it up!

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May 17, 2013
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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