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Boost your sales with multi-featured size recommender.

About SizeID

6k Size Charts Ready to Use : SizeID contains 6k+ size charts of 750+ brands, which are ready for size recommendation on your store. You can create more by yourself.

Smart Technology : Easy size recommendations based on height, weight, and age or based on accurate body measurements.

Sell More with Less Work : SizeID improves conversion, reduces returns and costs. Boost your customer satisfaction. Spend your time and money effectively.


What is new?

Reduce returns and costs associated with them and increase the conversion of your e-shop with the new SizeID Advisor SMART! Recommendation based on simple customer data: height, weight and age. Give your customers assurance from shopping and get useful data from purchases. SizeID Analytics offers you a number of data analysis tools that allow you to better optimize and plan. Customize your marketing communication, streamline logistics and achieve higher profits.

Why SizeID?

SizeID provides a unique experience of buying well-fitting clothes and footwear for your customers and at the same time increases your conversion and revenue. We've consistently driven progress and set standards in the world of sizing since 2013. During that time, we have become a proud partner of hundreds of online stores. Today, our solution is available in 7 languages.

All-In-One Solution

You can manage all size charts which fit your product range in one place - in an intuitive and simple SizeID for Business interface. We've improved the interface over the years based on our clients' requirements and feedback. Minimal work effort, that's exactly what SizeID for business delivers to you. Our database contains thousands of size charts from hundreds of well-known global brands. You can find perfectly crafted universal size charts you can instantly use for your product range. You can also add any individual size chart which perfectly fits your needs. Adding size charts has never been easier. At the same time, we are designing our size recommendation system to be as accurate as possible.

No More Hesitation about the Right Size

Don't let your customers deal with uncertain sizes. Let them easily get the recommendation of what will fit them. Get a competitive advantage thanks to SizeID Advisor which works on an advanced algorithm and gives customers certainty while shopping.

  • 2 different types of advisor
  • View of the size chart for the product
  • Additional option of recommendation based on brands customers usually wear
  • Family and friends connection to get recommendation even for them
  • Powerful Size Chart Management
  • Many tools for the analysis of data for better optimization and planning

You can work with any type of Size Chart data but the customer will always get a simple and unified size recommendation. Only SizeID can do it thanks to our powerful algorithms.

  • Fill in body or product measurements
  • Use exact or range of measurements
  • Automatic conversion to the metric system
  • Customize the size chart to clothing in general or to a specific type of clothing (sports leggings, winter jacket, slim fit shirt, etc.)
  • Try the recommendation while setting up the size chart
  • Help at hand during use
  • and much more…
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December 04, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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