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Acquire new customers : Destination storefronts turn content from remote destinations, like social, search and marketplaces into engaging shoppable content.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Co : Promotional traffic suffers from high bounce rates. Avoid the bounce with merchandising hooks that keep customers in the storefront.

New acquisition channels : Create new customer acquisition channels blending content from across multiple destinations like social, search and marketplaces.

Create custom shoppable pages for every campaign

Many eCommerce journeys now start at destinations away from the ecommerce store, such as social networks. Shopping experiences for these customers are often poor, because as they cross channels and click through to the ecommerce site, the experience breaks. Most traffic from these destinations today is referred to product detail page which results in higher bounce rates on average and lower conversion rate than traffic arriving on any other page. Customers don’t buy, new customers aren’t acquired, GMV is impacted and acquisition costs spiral.

SimplicityDX makes it easy for brands to build multiple destination storefronts focused on acquiring new customers from any destination outside of the Shopify ecosystem, including social networks, chat, search engines and marketplaces. These destination storefronts are focused specifically on new customer acquisition. Since every channel is unique, and within each channel individual promotions and content will attract different types of visitors, SimplicityDX makes it very easy and fast to build complete storefronts optimized for each channel, and individual pages for each campaign.

SimplicityDX destination storefronts manage the complete sale process outside of the Shopify ecosystem by merchandising with highly engaging content to get the next click, even if this does not lead to a purchase immediately. Remarketing drives new customers back to the destination storefront to re-engage customers and drive the sale when the customer is ready to buy.

SimplicityDX turns engaging content from multiple destinations, such as video and images, and makes it fully shoppable. Built-in merchandising ensures that potential customers are always presented with the most relevant content from across channels. For example, a visitor from Instagram would be shown trending Instagram content with the hottest content from TikTok and YouTube creating a fully shoppable and highly engaging social storefront. In this example, the storefront comprises a ‘social home’ page, category pages, individual product pages where social and user-generated content is blended throughout the shopping journey. When the customer is ready to purchase, checkout can be done remotely using ShopPay or in the Shopify ecommerce shopping cart, processed by the Shopify back end just like any other order.

SimplicityDX storefronts also showcase a much broader array of products and categories than a customer landing on a Product Detail Page would see today. SimplicityDX Merchandising Hooks are swipable product carousels which showcase adjacent products and content to users. This can include content and products from other channels and products from other merchants creating a network effect, similar to a marketplace.

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November 01, 2022
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